Get Involved

“If it were not for the Save African Rhino Foundation, the black rhinoceros would be extinct in Zimbabwe by now”

A top-ranking official in the National Parks of Zimbabwe said in a June 2004 speech

This statement illustrates that together, we can make a difference!

VOLUNTEER support ensures the continued operation of the SAVE African Rhino Foundation. 

You too can help by:

Joining the foundation.

Joining one of the foundations trips to Africa, where you can combine an unforgettable safari with a first-hand experience of the conservation projections in Zimbabwe. Not available in regular tourist trips.

Attending one of our events; or better yet; organising one.

Making a donation; financial or material.

We are proud of the way we direct our funds to the parties that need it most.  Read about how we are one of the NGOs with the lowest overheads (<3%), in our Financial reports.

If you have any ideas of how to promote the organization, increase membership and raise funds for the projects, please contact us .

If you are keen to help or get involved, but are not sure, have questions, or perhaps would like to talk to someone in your area who has seen what we do in the field, contact us for a discussion.

We are always looking for old laptops needed in the field. If you have one which you no longer use, please consider donating it. We will tell you where it went and what it is used for.