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SAVE African Rhino Foundation awarded environmental prize in Zimbabwe!
On 18 June 2009, the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism (ZCT) awarded the SAVE FOUNDATION of Australia (our name at the time) its Green Globe 21 Trophy for contribution to or action on the environment.

The SAVE African Rhino Foundation Australian Registration Number 44 390 303 534, is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) committed to saving the endangered species of Africa from extinction. Founded in 1987, the organisation has a broad range of activities, with a particular focus on the African black rhinoceros and Zimbabwe.

Unlike many other non-profit making organisations, it is a totally voluntary foundation, with all its expenses – secretarial, communications, and travel – sponsored by a private company. We are totally independent, and not affiliated to any other organisation, party, or denominational group. However we do stay in contact with some relevant organisations or institutions to coordinate our respective efforts.

We are one of the NGOs with the lowest overheads in the world (<1%) (read the details in our yearly financial reports). Funds are raised through a variety of events, trips and donations.  All funds raised are committed to the action on the ground, for instance to support anti-poaching units. Read more about our main activities, the projects we sponsor and our achievements. We are very concerned to uphold, maintain, and demonstrate total accountability: we want you to have total confidence that your support goes where you intend it, and that it does some good for the causes we defend.

For this, we invite you to read some letters from the field, as well as the previously mentioned yearly financial reports. If you have some sympathy for this cause and wish to do your part, the SAVE African Rhino Foundation would welcome your involvement. The main branch of the SAVE African Rhino Foundation is located in Perth, Western Australia.

In 1972 there were 65,000 black rhinos roaming the plains of Africa; in 1993, the numbers were down to 2,300, and with good management and international interest, they have now built up to about 5,200 – a 92% decline in 44 years.

Our activities are of three main types:

  1. We raise funds.  This is done through events, trips, membership and financial or material donations.
  2. We support selected projects with these funds.
  3. We follow through.  We stay informed on a near-daily basis of the situation in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries, particularly of the projects that we have an interest in.  We visit as frequently as we can.  We also provide the people in the field some moral support, by communicating frequently with them, and being there for them during times of crisis.

We are fighting to save Zimbabwe and Africa’s remaining black rhinos. Between 1994-2004 there was minimal poaching, but this has escalated in the last 12 years.

The SAVE African Rhino Foundation has donated more than $12.5 million worth of field equipment, including 21 four wheel drive vehicles, 30 motor bikes, 15 outboard motors, 10 reconditioned engines and gearboxes, numerous sets of radios and tons of spare parts for all of the above.

Please follow this link to see the Save African Rhino Foundation (INC) Rules 2017 (constitution)

The committee for the year 2021-22 is:

President: Nicholas Duncan

Vice President: Nia Carras

Treasurer: Heather Atwell

Secretary: Evan Litis

Committee: Steve Harrison, Evelyn Wong, Cameron Murray, Mike Palmer and Mark Beamish