Remembering Rhinos in Your Will

We would be grateful if you would consider leaving a bequest to Save African Rhino Foundation and aid rhino conservation in to the future. Should you wish to do this and need more information than is provided here then please contact us directly.

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“The responsibility rests with our generation to ensure an iconic species is there for the next”

— Nicholas Duncan, President of Save African Rhino Foundation

Will Rhinos in the Wild be your Legacy?

The natural world has never faced a more challenging time. The responsibility for conservation of what remains rests with our generation and the need is urgent. We encourage you to consider part of your legacy to be a contribution to an iconic species, the rhino – a gift to future generations.

Since 1987 SAVE African Rhino Foundation has made a consistent and meaningful contribution to rhino conservation in Africa. We are Australia’s largest and oldest rhino dedicated charity.

“Join me in ensuring that rhinos have a future. I’ve dedicated nearly half my life to seeing this happen and I intend to keep doing so after I have left others to continue my work.”

Nicholas Duncan – President, Save African Rhino Foundation

By leaving a gift to Save African Rhino Foundation in your Will; you like Nicholas; can also help continue our work in conserving the iconic rhino and the habitat and ecosystems in which they live.

How to Leave a Gift to the Foundation

We appreciate your first need is to ensure the future of your family and loved ones. Should you feel it possible to include SAVE African Rhino Foundation in your planning we encourage you to discuss this with your family and why you feel this is important to you.

A gift in your will, referred to also as a bequest, may come in different forms –

  1. Pecuniary – a specified gift of cash.
  2. Percentage – a percentage of the entire Estate.
  3. Residuary – the remainder of the Estate after specific gifts have been disbursed.
  4. Specific asset – this could be real estate, shares, bonds or other items of value.
  5. An investment in perpetuity.

We have provided the suggested wording when including SAVE African Rhino Foundation in your Will. You may wish to discuss this with your solicitor to ensure it meets your needs –

Wording We Suggest for Your Will

I give (insert benefit – see the five options above) to Save African Rhino Foundation; ABN 44 390 303 534.

I declare that the receipt of the secretary, treasurer or other proper officer of the nominated beneficiary will be a full discharge for my trustee who will not be bound to see its application.

Our Commitment to You

If you choose to leave us a gift in your Will, we promise to:

Use your gift to continue the Foundations work within the framework of our constitution in the most efficient manner possible.

Respect your wishes as to whether your contribution may be acknowledged publicly.

Recognise it is your right to change your mind as to your bequest in the future.

What Others Say

DAVID GOWER – Patron and former English Test Captain

“SAVE has been fighting for the rhinos for decades now and the whole hearted dedication of Nicholas Duncan and his team has seen extraordinary results. It is a battle that needs courageous soldiers like Nicholas and the work is never ending. Every penny raised is always both well spent and very welcome”.

BRYCE CLEMENCE – Head of Special Species Protection Unit SVC

“Over the nine years that I have been responsible for the rhino anti-poaching effort in the save’ valley conservancy, SARF and Nicholas Duncan have not only been front-line supporters, they have been dependable long-term donors who have funded the backbone of the project. On behalf of the team, we are and will always be sincerely grateful. We could not have achieved what we have without them! ”


“On behalf of the team I can proudly say Mr Duncan is like a father and a friend to us. Not only does he support us with good uniforms, nice cameras , nice gps  watches and motorcycles for our work , but he eats and sings with us around the table as any father and friend should do. We are so happy for his support”