CITY TO SURF 2018 – 26th August – Perth

CITY TO SURF 2018 – 26th August

Perth people, please get behind us for this year’s event or pass this to someone who might, please. Inspired by the great efforts of 60 runners in the recent London Marathon, we are launching our own smaller version.
Join committee members and other members in ANY of the categories available, probably 12 km walk or run.

We would love to see as many supporters out there with us as possible.

We’d love to see lots of SARF shirts making their way towards Africa (well maybe stopping at City Beach)!


Actions Needed

  1. 1.Go to
  2. Select your city.
  3. Choose Registration Type ‘I’m a participant’
  4. Are you part of a team? Click yes
  5. Team search: Save African Rhino Foundation. Click ‘Join’
  6. Fill in personal details
  7. Choose Event category (eg 12km run or walk)
  8. Follow the prompts. Under the ‘Registration Details’ tab, there will be a section titled ‘Fundraising.’ When asked ‘Do you want to create a fundraising page?’ Click yes. Select Save African Rhino Foundation from the list of charities. This will give you the option to create an Everydayhero fundraising page for Save African Rhino Foundation. WARNING – Any donations made through Everyday Hero to us for the City to Surf include a 13.5% surcharge.
  9. Follow the prompts and complete payment and registration.




Option 2


You can fundraise in an alternative method by using GiveNow.   GiveNow charges less than 1% commission instead of the 13.5% that Everyday Hero charges!



  1. Register for City to Surf, as above.
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Create CrowdRaiser’
  4. Register your email address and create a Page Title eg “Luke’s Run for Rhinos”
  5. Make sure that ‘Save African Rhino Foundation – Black Rhino Conservation and Management in Zimbabwe’ is the selected cause
  6. On the next page, select ‘Individual’ and write about why you are raising money for Save African Rhino Foundation.
  7. The City to Surf is being held on August 26th. We suggest to set the closing date of the CrowdRaiser to a date shortly after the event. Select a target amount that you would like to raise.
  8. Next, upload a cover photo, profile photo and any other additional images for your page.
  9. Preview and submit your CrowdRaiser page.
  10. Share with friends, family members and colleagues, so that they can sponsor you for participating in the 2018 Perth City to Surf. Try and raise as much money as possible for Save African Rhino Foundation.
  11. By sharing the URL to your page, donors can simply enter a dollar value and press ‘GiveNow’ to donate.
  12. For any questions or troubles, please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or mobile.


Luke Basson




Thanks very much everyone, a healthy way to help the rhinos. And please notify me when you’ve completed your registration so we can monitor everyone’s progress.