Gala dinner a great success for the rhinos!

A big thank you again for our very special guests, David, Glenn, Bryce and Givemore, without whom we wouldn’t have had a function.  You were all tremendous, so glad you could attend!  We kicked off with Bryce and Givemore giving us an enthralling look inside their work as wildlife protectors on behalf of us all, and what an amazing job they did. It certainly put into perspective the various roles they play, the challenges they face and the key relationship they have with us as their main donor. We are delighted to be involved to the extent that we are and are so glad that they could both attend our fundraiser to add the personal touch from the field.

And what a great job was done by Glenn in his very professional discussion with David, and how well they covered a number of topics in a relatively short period of time. They  both share a deep passion for wildlife as well as their sporting backgrounds, and this is at least the 15th time that David has hosted a fundraiser somewhere or other for the rhinos of Zimbabwe. So thanks again for your amazing input over the past 25 years.

Nia and Travel Directors were our main sponsors for the night and besides being a full retail travel service for business and general, able to book absolutely anything you wish for, they also offer a very comprehensive range of small group tours to exciting locations all around the world and their website, is  very worth a visit.


To make the evening flow we were very lucky to have the most generous support of Carol and Feathered Nest Wines with their delicious range of reds and whites.  They are very kindly offering a 25% contribution from all sales made at or Thanks and much appreciated.

Gage Roads beers were also very supportive and supplied Atomic Pale Ale and Narrow Neck from their boutique range – thanks guys.

As always, Picasso Print & Design  produced our colour catalogue for all guests, as well as our other printing work through the year, so thanks Gemma, Cobey and Iain for your ongoing kindness to us.

Doris Brinkhaus donated some lovely jewellery pieces which all have nice new homes to go to, thanks Doris, and Primewest donated some holiday packages in the south west, thanks Jim.

And now let’s see how it all turned out?  As you know, the tickets are priced very attractively to encourage you to attend. All our memorabilia and other items are fully donated, except for the framing, and the  modest ticket profits are used to cover necessary incidentals in putting on such a show.  Here’s what happened;

1.        Main auction – $81,750 after some last minute purchases.

2.        Silent  auction –    $17,012

3.       Memberships and T shirt sales – $1,830

4.       Other item sales – $9,000

5.       Donations –  $8,700

6.        Ticket sale profits –  $5,500

7.       Sponsorship – $3,000

8.      TOTAL – $126,792

Our grateful thanks goes to Alex, Kay, Bob and  Jim who were our biggest supporters on the night.