Sponsor a Ranger Safari

Rangers ATSHello everyone,  following on from the highly successful Rhino Ranger Support Schemes (RRSS) from last year, we are now launching this year’s programme, see attachment.  This project is very important for our main rhino area, Save Valley Conservancy. By supporting this scheme it means that we can continue to pledge at least $220,000 pa for their anti poaching efforts.  And just before Christmas we had the biggest success in ages, with the main poaching gang (responsible for at least 120 rhino deaths all round Zimbabwe), being eliminated.  And one of the rangers who was at the front line was one of the new men recruited last year through this programme.  In fact, six of the committee are flying out tonight and will be presenting the unit with various thank yous on Thursday.

You will find this to be a most interesting and rewarding week in your life, mixing with the men, tracking rhinos, bushcraft, game drives and so on.


Whilst the trip is for 9 days, 4 are over two weekends so there’s only one week away from your work.


And whilst in the area, I’ve put together a second week of luxury safari game viewing at our favourite destinations – entirely optional.  So here’s how it looks.

Depart Perth Friday night, March, April or May, at 2340, and through to Harare at 1210 on Saturday.  Overnight at the Bronte.

Sunday – drive to Save Valley Conservancy for 6 nights of ranger and wildlife experiences.

Saturday – back to the Bronte.

Then, a possible option, or variation on this;

Sunday – 0930 flight to Victoria Falls for two nights of activities, B&B.

Tuesday – drive to The Hide for three nights.

Friday – drive back to VF and another hour to Chobe, Botswana, for two more nights.

Here’s where we go:

**Hwange national park, home to 40,000 elephants, and plenty of other wildlife – zebras, giraffes, buffalo and so on.  Stay 3 nights at The Hide, winner of Lodge of the Year for 10 of the last 14 years. www.thehide.com.  Great staff and plenty to see and do.

** Two nights at the colonial splendour of The Victoria Falls Hotel. www.victoriafallshotel.com. Besides the falls you will enjoy an elephant back safari, canoeing on the Zambezi and the Flight of Angels over the falls.

**Chobe Bush Lodge or similar for two nights – even more eles than Hwange, hippos, crocs, antelope, birds. http://underonebotswanasky.com/camps/chobe-bush-lodge.php

The departure dates will be 4 March, 8 April and 6 May.  Due to their previous popularity these may well sell out quite quickly and another date will be found.  I suggest you contact me sooner rather than later if you’d like to be provisionally booked.  I’m off tonight but will have intermittent email access.

This has now been a pretty good all round African experience for you.  This second part can be tailor made to whatever you really want, I won’t be accompanying you, I’ll just do the first eight days with you in SVC.

Costs are as follows;  Rhino ranger support scheme$6,500 per person, all inclusive of accommodation, meals, air fares and transfers, including a donation of $3,000, based on two people sharing.  A single supplement of $1,000 would apply, though couldn’t be guaranteed.

Safari add on – $4,100 per person.

Please let me know what you’d like to do – thanks. There’s a booking form on the attachment.

Bye for now,