$171,000 raised for rhinos in Zimbabwe

Hello everyone, and thanks for your massive support last Monday at the Hyatt, and we do hope that you all had a good time and are pleased that you attended and supported. It was an amazing event and we had been told that a Monday night wasn’t a good idea! So thanks Perth for making the effort. Please read these notes as our final wrap up for the night.

David Pocock Annual Gala 2015Obviously, the biggest thank you for the evening goes to David Pocock, not only the world’s greatest rugby player at the moment, but also a wildlife and environment advocate, as well as a charming and unobtrusive gentleman. How lucky we are to have him as a patron and for all the recent publicity.  He gave his time willingly to all those who came to speak with him. And he stayed till the end despite having a 5.40am flight to Sydney and then a flight to Africa. He’s now on a very well earned rest for seven weeks, self driving around his native countryside.

 I’m sure you all enjoyed the Howling Wolves wines and the Gage Roads beers, so thanks to both those companies for their very welcome donations. It really helps to have willing sponsors and we hope you’ll repay their generosity and buy their brands for your upcoming celebrations.

 Travel Directors again hosted our main guests, David Pocock and Emma Palandri – what a great range of escorted tours they offer to all corners of the world, as well as normal retail and corporate travel – they’re worthy of your consideration.

 Our main donors to the auction were Primewest, Brinkhaus Jewellers, Injidup Spa, Regency Beach Club, Travel Directors, Scruffy Dog Designs, Picasso Print, PAV, Acacia Africa, Meridian Services, plus all our holiday destinations – Malilangwe Trust/Singita Pamushana, Sango Ranch, Amalinda, Ivory Lodge, Victoria Falls Hotel, The Hide, Victoria Falls safari Lodge, Ngoma Lodge, Mack Air and Xakanaxa Camp. Plus Jo Watts, Evan Litis, 3 Islands Whale Shark Dive, Auzcorp, Helen Power,  Owen Brigden, Colleen Saporita, Jackie Wigh, Bose Store, Peter Panek, John Smith-Wright, Con Berbatis, Evelyn Wong, LA DE DA Hair,  Tuck Shop, Kitsch Bar, Ploypan Westwood and Nia Carras.

 For yet another time, the fourth, we were privileged to have Channel Ten/6PR sports presenter, Tim Gossage, to assist with the main entertainment sector with the special guest.  We were intrigued to find out more about David’s early life in Zimbabwe, his move to Queensland, his rise to rugby prominence and the Wallabies captaincy, and his more recent time with injuries and the World Cup.  Thanks Tim for making this happen.

 And now for the results.  After taking out the costs for the wonderful framing of the memorabilia, so expertly done for the past 15 years by Angelo of Annalice Framing, the ticket sales produced a profit of $11,500.  We were delighted to welcome 56 new members on the night, taking advantage of the special package for $50. The silent auction produced $17,565 of sales, and the main auction raised a whopping $141,550. Just about everything was donated so this was nearly all pure profit.  And there was one Rhino Ranger Support Scheme sponsor.

And the man who made the auction go so smoothly and quickly?  Our grateful thanks to celebrity auctioneer Tiny Holly, who made light of his task of moving 49 different items and helping raise such a wonderful total – and we finished at 11.05, the earliest for many years.  Thanks Tiny for a monumental effort.

So, all in all we made a massive $171,745 for the occasion!!  What a magnificent effort and thanks everyone, and we hereby pledge to spend this wisely and responsibly for the good of rhino conservation in southern Africa.

We acknowledge the generous support of the following guests who made the bulk of the purchases;  Leigh and Joan, David, Ann, Syd, Greg, Gary, Glenn, Dom, Terri, Hannif, Paul, Domenic, Peter, Mal and Tom.

And thanks also to all our band of helpers on the night – Evelyn, Nia, Heather, Mike, Cameron, Mark Helen, Evan, Maree, Harrison, James, Chris, Karlene, Kate, Wesley, Michelle, Max, Julie and Fadzai– we couldn’t have managed without you all, a great team effort.

And here are our three specials on offer;

1.       Membership ($35), T shirt (25) and silver rhino lapel pin (10) – all for just $50, please see attached form.

2.       Rhino Ranger Support Scheme, sponsor a ranger for a year, including all his requirements, plus a 6 day trip for two to the project – only $7,950, see attached flyer.  This is an outstanding opportunity for an unique experience.

3.       Five days with David from 24-29 November as we explore the rhino situation in Save Valley Conservancy and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, an amazing opportunity for a rugby/wildlife enthusiast, accompanied by ABC TV crew. Reduced to $8,995 including airfare – 0417 937655 now.

 Since Monday we have spent close to $50,000 in our support of Save Valley Conservancy and the thirsty elephants and others in Hwange NP.

 Kind regards and hope we can all stay in touch and work towards a common goal for all the animals, especially the rhino, declining at 3 per day!

 Nicholas Duncan

President – Save African Rhino Foundation